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Man jailed for shouting racist abuse on a bus

|News, Hate crime

This press release was updated on 13 December 2023

A man who shouted racist abuse at fellow passengers on a bus in Manchester has been jailed.

Darren Cuthbertson, 47, admitted shouting racist abuse, linked to the events in the Middle East, whilst he was on a bus travelling from London to Leeds.

Cuthbertson had been drinking during the journey before he began shouting racist language at others on the bus.

He was asked to mind his language but continued, so he was asked to leave the bus.

He got off the bus in Manchester, shouting further abuse as he did so.

Police apprehended him soon after and he continued to use racist language during arrest.

Cuthbertson later punched a wall whilst in custody at the police station and caused damage to the cell door.

He made no comment in police interview but later pleaded guilty to racially aggravated intentional harassment, racially aggravated harassment and criminal damage.

He was sentenced on 23 October 2023 at Manchester Magistrates Court to 14 weeks in prison, including a six-week uplift to the sentence to mark the racial element of the offence. 

David Morgan, District Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West, said: “This was a completely unprovoked verbal attack on fellow bus passengers.

“Cuthbertson must now face the consequences of his actions. There is no place for hate in our society.

“The CPS take incidents of hate crime very seriously and we are committed to bringing perpetrators to justice.” 

Notes to editors

  • Darren Cuthbertson’s date of birth is 12/01/1976

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