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Man guilty of violent sexual attacks on women in Cheetham Hill

|News, Sexual offences

A dangerous predator has been found guilty of attempted rape and ABH after violently attacking two women.

Mohammed Hussain, 26, attacked the women in Cheetham Hill, Greater Manchester, in the early hours of 10 August 2022.

Shortly after 3am, Hussain approached the first woman on the street, who initially consented to sexual activity. However, he then launched a 20-minute-long violent attack upon her.

During the attack he used his phone to record himself attempting to rape her while verbally abusing her.

When a passer-by approached after hearing a struggle, the woman managed to run away and reported the attack to police the following day.

At approximately 3.30am Hussain approached the second woman. They initially engaged in consensual sexual activity but as she attempted to walk away, Hussain launched another violent attack.

During the 30-minute attack, he dragged her to the floor where he punched and kicked her multiple times in the head and face while verbally abusing her.

The woman eventually managed to escape by pulling Hussain’s trousers down to his ankles and running away. She called the police as soon as she reached safety.

CCTV footage captured Hussain leaving his flat nearby before the attacks, the whole of the first attack, before and after the second attack, and him returning to his flat afterwards.

He was arrested outside the property at 3am on 11 August 2022. When officers searched the flat, they found a bag he had been wearing at the time of the offences, which had the blood of one of the women on it. He had washed his clothes and factory reset phone.

Hussain denied all the charges against him, but a jury today found him guilty of attempted rape and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Stacey Gosling, Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West, said: "Mohammed Hussain clearly poses a danger to women.

"He carried out terrifying sexual and violent attacks upon two women within minutes of each other and degraded them further by calling them disgusting names as he did so.

"Sadly, one of the women died as a result of an unrelated illness before the trial, however we successfully applied to the court for permission to present her video interview to the jury.

"After careful consideration of all the evidence, the jury have today found Hussain guilty of carrying out the attacks.

"The law on consent is clear: consenting on one occasion does not mean you consent to every occasion. Every individual has the right to withdraw consent to sexual activity at any time they choose.

"The CPS is committed to bringing offenders who commit crimes against women to justice."

Notes to editors

Mohammed Hussain's DOB is 06/12/1996

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