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Bolton man jailed for life after murdering his ex-partner

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A man from Bolton was jailed today at Manchester Crown Court after pleading guilty to murder on the first day of the trial.

Obert Moyo, 46, stabbed his ex-partner in the chest with a kebab skewer on 10 November 2023.

Police were called to Dukesgate Grove, Little Hulton, in the early hours of 10 November and found a 25-year-old woman collapsed on the street. Sadly it was already too late to save Moyo’s ex-partner, Perseverance Ncube, known as Percy.

Ms Ncube was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital but attempts to save her were unsuccessful and she was pronounced dead at 3.42 that morning.

Moyo fled the scene after fatally wounding Ms Ncube.

The police investigation uncovered CCTV from around Ms Ncube’s property showing Moyo had been stalking Ms Ncube in the weeks before the fatal attack.

This escalated when she began a new relationship and culminated in him entering her house in the early hours of 10 November.

He went into her bedroom, and she screamed, he then dropped a bag he was carrying, later found to contain photos of Ms Ncube, along with a hammer, a face mask, a knife, a screwdriver and scissors among other items, before pinning her to the bed and strangling her.

Ms Ncube struggled to get away and only managed to get away with the help of her children who were pulling at Moyo.

She ran out semi-clothed into the road with her children closely following. Moyo chased after her and stabbed her with a kebab skewer through the chest, she collapsed and sadly died from her injuries.

The post-mortem on 11 November confirmed that Ms Ncube died as a result of the stab wound to the chest.

Other injuries included bruising around her neck, face, arms and legs and a fractured hyoid bone in her neck.

The bruising and fracture to her neck was found to be consistent with significant and sustained pressure being applied to the neck.

Moyo was arrested on 10 November in Bolton. When interviewed he claimed that he hadn’t strangled Ms Ncube, and that the stabbing had been accidental, he said that had no intention of harming Ms Ncube when he attended her address.

Having pleaded not guilty to murder, he changed his plea on the day of trial and accepted he had murdered Ms Ncube.

He was sentenced on 30 April 2024 to life in prison and will serve a minimum of 27 years.

Emanuele Bellanca, Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West, said: “Obert Moyo, enraged by his jealousy, carried out a vicious, sustained attack on a defenceless woman.

“He attempted to evade responsibility for his actions, claiming it was an accident.

“The Crown Prosecution Service worked with Greater Manchester Police to build a strong case including CCTV footage, medical evidence and eyewitness testimony. The strength of the evidence was such that Moyo changed his plea to guilty on the day of trial.

“Nothing can make up for the loss of Perseverance Ncube, and my thoughts are very much with her family and friends.

“This case is a poignant reminder that violence against women and girls continues to plague our society. Working with our partners, we are committed to bringing domestic abusers to justice.

Notes to editors

• Obert Moyo, date of birth, 28/02/1978, is from Bolton.

• He pleaded guilty to murder on 29/04/2024. Aggravated burglary and possession of an offensive weapon charges were laid on file following the guilty plea.

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