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Man convicted of raping multiple young women

|News, Sexual offences

A man who raped six young women over a three-year period has today been convicted.

Kevarnie Queen, 19, known on social media as the ‘Brixton R Kelly’ met all but one of the victims - all under the age of 18 - through ‘SnapChat’, where he would flatter and groom them before arranging to meet. For three years he was a prolific sexual predator and an offender who had no regard for his victims, some of whom were raped on numerous occasions.

Queen was initially arrested on 8 April 2020 in relation to two offences of rape. He did not provide an account to police. He was subsequently arrested in June and again on 8 August 2022 for further offences of rape which he denied, claiming that the women were all lying and were part of a hate campaign against him. On 18 August 2023 the jury at Inner London Crown Court found him guilty of 22 counts of rape. He has been remanded in custody to appear at the same court on 13 October 2023 for sentence.

Laura Devitt, Senior Crown Prosecutor from the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Unit in London South said: “It has taken immense bravery and mental fortitude for the victims to come forward in this case particularly given their young age and the lasting impact these offences have had on all of them.

“Queen has clearly demonstrated he saw these young girls’ existence purely for his own satisfaction. Queen claimed he was a ‘player’ and knew how to make girls like him and that any activity was consensual.

“His misogynistic and deplorable actions have now been exposed for what they are, and these convictions ensure no further women are caused further irreparable harm at his hands.

“Every woman and girl should be free and feel safe to go about their daily lives, including walking alone, without fear of harassment or sexual offences. The CPS is committed to bringing offenders who commit crimes against women to justice.”

Notes to editors

  • Laura Devitt is a Senior Crown Prosecutor from the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Unit in London South.

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