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CPS publishes latest quarterly statistics which show a continued increase in people charged with rape

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Today the CPS has published the Q2 performance data which covers the three-month period from 1 July to 30 September 2022. 

Notable changes in the data from Q1 2022-23 to Q2 2022-23 include: 

  • The volume of suspects charged with rape has increased 13.7% from 666 in Q1 to 757 in Q2. This is the fifth consecutive quarter where this figure has risen.
  • The volume of referrals from the police to the CPS for all crimes has increased by 0.8% from 50,119 in Q1 to 50,530 in Q2
    • The number of referrals on rape have increased for the third consecutive quarter by 3.5% from 1,300 in Q1 to 1,346 in Q2
    • The referrals from police on domestic abuse have increased by 3.7% from 17,231 in Q1 to 17,874 in Q2 
  • Charge rates have increased across all crime to 79.4%.
    • Charge rates have seen a slight reduction across rape (1.5%), domestic abuse (0.7%) and hate crime (1%).
  • The average time for police and CPS to charge has increased by three days this quarter to 42.7 days.
  • The live caseload in the Crown Court has increased by 6.9% this quarter, however the ability to finalise cases has been affected by the Bar Strike with case finalisation down 15.3% from 14,559 in Q1 to 12,340 in Q2. 
  • Overall completed prosecutions decreased by 0.7% from 99,797 in Q1 to 99,117 in Q2 and conviction rates decreased by 1.1% across all crime to 81.0%.
    • There was a fall in completed prosecutions across domestic abuse (1.4%), rape (16.9%) and hate crime (6%) cases. 
  • Conviction rates have decreased by 1.1% across all crime to 81.0%.
    • There was a reduction in conviction rates across domestic abuse (2.1%), rape (7.2%) and hate crime (0.5%) cases.

Max Hill KC, Director of Public Prosecutions, said: “The CPS has been on a significant journey in the way we approach rape, focusing on working in partnership with the police to make lasting changes that are making a difference. 

“We know there is still more to do and are working hard to ensure the lessons we’ve learned around joint working and communication with police at an earlier stage, are applied when approaching other cases including those involving domestic abuse.

“Victims and defendants alike deserve timely access to justice, and the backlogs in our courts are a source of profound concern. We are working with our partners across the criminal justice system to address the challenges we all face following the pandemic, pressure on the courts and recent industrial action.”

Notes to editors

  • The Q2 2022-2023 quarterly data summary is published on the CPS website
  • We have been testing different approaches to drive up the number of cases reaching court through the innovative Op Soteria pilots. This ambitious programme is =driving reform and improving collaborative working with police in rape and serious sexual offence (RASSO) cases. It focuses on an offender-centric approach as encouraged by our updated legal guidance. We are on track to roll Operation Soteria to all 14 CPS areas by June
  • Later this year we will be launching a National Operating Model which will provide a new baseline standard for the prosecution of adult rape which will bring together insight from the Op Soteria projects, academic research, and internal activity currently taking place to secure justice for more victims of rape.

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