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Witness Expenses and Allowances Annex 3: Prosecution Interpreter



This page (previously Leaflet NFR EFC 1A) gives the current rates and upper limits of allowances payable by the Crown Prosecution Service to interpreters required to provide interpreter services for a prosecution witness. The rates and upper limits are reviewed from time to time and the amounts in force when you attend court will be applied to your claim.


The current rates payable to interpreters are standard rates applied by most criminal justice agencies and set out in a document entitled Terms & Conditions for individuals providing Face-to-Face Interpretation Services with which you should be familiar.

The terms and conditions can be found within the National Agreement on Arrangements for the use of Interpreters. A copy of the National Agreement is published on the following web site:

In summary the rates are:

  • Minimum booking - Payment where attendance time is three hours or less - £85.00
  • Additional payment for attendance beyond three hours per 15 minutes or part thereof - £7.50
  • Additional payment for travelling time per 15 minutes or part thereof - £3.75
  • Cancellation fee when cancelling a booking after 10am on the day before it is due to begin (i.e. a sum equal to the minimum booking fee) - £85.00


  1. There is no cancellation fee for bookings cancelled earlier than 10am on the day before the booking is due to take place.
  2. If an anticipated booking period is reduced after it has begun then the actual attendance time will be paid (subject to a minimum three hour booking fee).

Payment will only be made after you actually attend court. If you attend court at CPS request but are not required to provide interpreter services, you will be paid a minimum of three hours at the above rate.

Subsistence Allowances

Overnight allowance

Where it is necessary to stay overnight an allowance is paid towards the cost of meals and accommodation. The allowance is:

  • Attendance overnight in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Newcastle upon Tyne city centres - £85.25
  • Attendance overnight elsewhere - £55.25

Travel expenses

Public transport

Rail, bus, coach and tube fares at standard (second class) rates will be reimbursed in full.

Motor car/motorcycle

If you use your own motor car, you will be paid 25p for each mile. Exceptionally, if you can show that you had to use your own car instead of public transport (for example, because there was no public transport, or there was a considerable saving of time and money, or because you are disabled or infirm), then a higher rate of 45p per mile may be paid. You will need to justify using your own motor car to be eligible for the higher rate.

Pedal cycle

20p per mile.

Car parking

Car parking charges will normally only be paid if you can demonstrate it was necessary to use your own motor vehicle.

Congestion Charges

Congestion Charges will normally be reimbursed in full.


The cost of taxi fares or other hired vehicles (including any reasonable tips) will only be paid in cases of emergency, illness, infirmity or where no other reasonable means of transport was available. You must provide receipts.

Other transport

If you intend to use some other form of transport (e.g. aeroplane or ship), you are advised to contact the Finance Business Centre (see claim form for telephone number) for advice as to whether the cost will be allowed. The cost of travel by air or sea will be reimbursed at economy class fare only.

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