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Fees Bulletin No.4 of 2023 – ULS Fees

  1. This Fees Bulletin outlines changes to the CPS fee arrangements relating to Unduly Lenient Sentence referrals, which will come into effect on 2 May 2023.

Initial advice from the Trial advocate

  1. At the end of the substantive case, the trial advocate provides a written advice should they consider the sentence passed to be unduly lenient. Payment for this advice is made in accordance with the Graduated Fees Scheme, at the GFS hourly rate applicable to the level of advocate providing the advice.

Unduly Lenient Sentence fee rates

  1. In circumstances where the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) subsequently requests the advice of Treasury Counsel, the following rates of remuneration apply (all rates exclude VAT):
Preparatory WorkSenior Treasury CounselJunior Treasury Counsel / Treasury Counsel Monitoree
Fixed fee payable ULS preparatory work up to and including 10 hours.£1,495£1,035
Hourly rate payable for ULS preparatory work exceeding 10 hours126.50 per hour£92 per hour

NB: If additional hours are required, they must be authorised by the ULS manager in advance of the work being done.

AdvocacySenior Treasury CounselJunior Treasury Counsel / Treasury Counsel Monitoree
Fixed fee to include the court hearing and all preparation up to and on the hearing date.£1,495£1,035

NB: If an appeal against conviction and/or sentence is heard at the same time as an unduly lenient sentence appeal, only one fee (the higher fee) will be payable for that hearing.

Travel and subsistence

  1. Travel and subsistence expenses will be paid in accordance with the usual provisions as set out in the VHCC terms of appointment.
  2. This bulletin has been posted on the CPS internal Intranet and CPS website and can be shared with chambers. Should you have any queries regarding this bulletin or any other fee related matter, please contact your Case Auditor or the

Wendy Pitsillides
Head of Fees
Court Business Unit, HQ Operations

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