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CPS Business Plan 2020-21


Welcome to our 2020-21 business plan summary - you can download and read the full business plan below. This document summarises the practical steps that we plan to take in 2020-21.

Our business plan is structured around the aims and outcomes identified in our CPS 2025 strategy, with every action designed to bring us closer to the organisation we want to be by 2025.


Support for the success and wellbeing of our people enables everyone to thrive.

What we want to achieveHow we’ll do it
All parts of our workforce are diverse and inclusive
  • Assessment using Government Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) standards
  • Social mobility strategy
  • Regional D&I plans
Our people have the skills and tools they need to succeed
  • Recruitment of key groups e.g. lawyers, paralegals and managers
  • Recruitment of trainees
  • New fair and transparent reward and progression process
  • Prosecutor Pathways
  • Apprenticeships for all professions
Our supportive culture promotes wellbeing
  • Thrive app pilot
  • Third year of optional employee health checks
Our people lead with our values
  • New and experienced managers development programmes
  • Review and evaluation of our Respect policy and approach


  • Updated HR policy to ensure staff are supported
  • New wellbeing measures to support physical and mental wellbeing


Our investment in digital capability helps us adapt to the rapidly changing nature of crime and improve the way justice is done.

What we want to achieveHow we’ll do it
We have confidence in the security of our systems
  • Critical system migrations
  • Next case management system (CMS) release
  • All telephony conducted via new telephony solution
  • Delivery of ICT security and resilience improvement programme
We use data to drive change
  • Data training and guidance for managers
  • Plan for new management information system
We innovate, including with emerging technology
  • Innovation strategy and roadmap
  • Digital Platform first iteration 'go live'
  • Automated redaction service proof of concept
  • AI analytics tool proof of concept to support end-to-end prosecution process, including disclosure obligations
We are proactive in investing in our digital capability
  • New operational delivery and digital training team
  • Case management system (CMS) development complete
  • Sharing of all multimedia evidence via digital platforms
  • Plan for HMCTS and CPS additional work streams
  • Design and development of CPS functionality


  • Virtual hearings
  • Video enablement


The CPS is a leading voice in cross-government strategies and international cooperation to transform the criminal justice system.

What we want to achieveHow we’ll do it
We lead on futures thinking to understand cross-CJS issues
  • Horizon 2030 annual update
  • Research on five themes (technology, society, public services, world of work and the environment)
We influence cross-CJS change through trusted relationships
  • Consultation with NPCC to develop approach to police relationship in our Strategic Partnerships strategy
  • Consultation with broader internal and external stakeholders to develop and scope our Strategic Partnerships strategy
  • Updated guidance for prosecutors on rape myths and stereotypes
  • Develop new domestic abuse public guidance to ensure that victims, witnesses and offenders are clear on the process and how they can be supported
  • Social research on the changing nature of sexual encounters and relationships to inform advocacy strategies
  • With CJS partners, develop and scope model for rolling out the Domestic Abuse Best Practice Framework to the Crown Court
  • Joint police-CPS RASSO action plan
  • Contributions to cross-Government rape review
  • Action plan delivery from External Consultation Groups and National Scrutiny Panels
  • Understanding of user experience and lessons learned
  • for victims attrition
  • Economic Crime Strategy and Action Plan
  • Input into Government and International Organisation strategies or reviews

We advise Parliamentarians and Ministers on the operational implications of law and policy

  • Refresh Westminster and Whitehall strategy and launch action plan
We deliver justice across borders through effective international collaboration
  • Deploy, manage and support overseas prosecutors
  • Contribute to the development and delivery of International Criminal Board recommendations
  • All required measures in place to be able to continue to cooperate effectively with European partners


  • Paper on immediate, medium- and long-term implications of COVID-19 on CPS 2025 and policy (including impact on types of crimes)
  • Work with partners through the Criminal Justice System Strategic Command (CJSSC) and Working Groups to coordinate and respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis (for example, conduct the listening exercise)
  • Work with partners through the Criminal Justice Board (CJB) and appropriate groups to learn from the crisis and rebuild the future model


CPS legal expertise, casework quality and collaboration across the criminal justice system keep the public safer.

What we want to achieveHow we’ll do it
The right person is prosecuted for the right offence
  • A new framework and approach to assess the quality of legal decision making
Cases are progressed in a timely manner; Cases are dealt with effectively
  • Delivery against the National Disclosure Improvement Plan (NDIP) action plan
  • Evaluation of new charging model pilot
The quality of our casework is enhanced through partnership working
  • Updated guidance document
  • Recommendations paper on a more effective pan-CJS case progression process
  • Joint action plan with police to drive improvements in charging advice and submitted evidence
  • Cross-CJS Tech Futures Group to learn best practice from leading OGDs and private tech companies
  • Identification of resources to build CPS staff’s understanding of digital evidence
  • Update online harms legal guidance and casework hub
  • Input into Government’s online harms white paper
  • Reviewed and updated guidance on all serious and organised crime issues
  • New operating model for the management of serious and organised crime
  • Preparation for the Offensive Weapons Act
  • Contribution to the Serious Violence Bill


  • New custody time limit protocol
  • New charging guidance
  • New public interest guidance
  • Work with partners to restart trials in both the magistrates’ and Crown Courts
  • Agree plans to restore system-wide stability and tackle backlogs


We work with our partners to serve victims and witnesses and uphold the rights of defendants in a way that is fair and understood by all communities.

What we want to achieveHow we’ll do it
Victims and witnesses have a fair experience interacting with us, regardless of outcome
  • New victim communication guidance (in writing, in person and via telephone) for all staff
  • New suite of communications materials that are accessible to all victims and witnesses
We understand how best to serve our diverse communities
  • Community Conversations in CPS Areas linked to our ten priority programmes
  • The Big Community Conversation, a conference that brings together senior leaders and community stakeholders to inform future CPS priorities
  • Conclude series of Community Accountability Forums linked to priority programmes
  • Improved understanding of the CPS from Local Scrutiny and Involvement Panel work
  • Training on our new complaints app, Contact
  • Training to improve the quality of our responses to complaints
We are a leading voice in ensuring defendants are treated fairly by the CJS
  • Policy statement to support prosecutors in ensuring that the rights of defendants with additional needs are upheld
  • Public Sector Equality Duty Training completed by all prosecutors
  • Develop policy on fitness to plead and insanity
  • Academic research on disproportionality and decision making
The public understand our value
  • Communications capability development in line with revised Government Communication Service Operating Model
  • Evaluation and expansion of digital communications capability
  • Expanded programme of communications training for colleagues across the CPS
  • Suite of communications products which explain the role of the CPS
  • Communications strategies to support priority policy programmes and effective delivery of organisational objectives


  • Proactive media and social media communications on our response to the crisis
  • Tailored communications to community groups and target user groups.

Crown Prosecution Service, July 2020

CPS Business Plan 2020-21 - Download

Available to download

CPS Business Plan 2020-21 (PDF document, approx 1.3mb)
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