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Four men jailed after stabbing a man over 60 times on New Year’s Day

|News, Violent crime

Four men who stabbed a man over 60 times after luring him away from a family party on New Year’s Day have been jailed.

Darren Soyemi, 25, Tashan Bailey-Brown, 23, Denzel Ealmeida, 22, and Kevaniel Robinson 21, were sentenced at the Old Bailey today (8 March 2024) having been found guilty of the attempted murder of Charles Ikaba, 19, at trial in February.

Tashan Bailey-Brown was sentenced to 24 years' imprisonment, with an extended period of five years on licence.

Darren Soyemi, Denzel Ealmeida and Kevaniel Robinson were each sentenced to 31 years' imprisonment.

On 1 January 2023, Mr Ikaba was at a family party when he received a phone call asking him to come outside. After Mr Ikaba refused, the flat intercom was buzzed asking him to go downstairs.

After going downstairs, Mr Ikaba was surrounded and violently set upon by a group of four males. During the attack, Soyemi, Bailey-Brown, Ealmeida, and Robinson repeatedly stabbed and kicked Mr Ikaba before fleeing the scene in a stolen silver Honda Jazz.

After the stabbing, police attempted to stop the Honda Jazz several times before making tactical contact with the vehicle to detain its occupants and maintain public safety. Following impact, four figures were seen fleeing the vehicle and Ealmeida was seen discarding a knife and a bag of clothes whilst being pursued on foot.

Upon arrival to hospital, Mr Ikaba had no palpable pulse and shallow breathing. The doctors estimated that he had approximately 60 stab wounds and has been left with lifelong injuries following the attack.

Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for South London, David Malone, who leads the CPS London South response to Serious Violence and Organised Crime said: “Once again, as we deal with the ongoing epidemic of knife crime across London, the first and last word belongs to a mother who courageously provided evidence that was read in this trial. She is living the nightmare of all parents after finding her son lying on the ground with serious injuries inflicted by knives. She outlined that those wounds are now closed but inside the pain will always be there. Her son suffered life-changing injuries physical and psychological injuries. He is lucky to be alive but for the expertise of our NHS. Their lives will never be the same again. The heroism and dignity of a mother contrasts starkly with the cowardice of the defendants convicted today, who denied this incident and have shown no remorse for their despicable attack.

“The Unit I lead is tackling head on the problem of organised criminals and serious violence on our streets in South London. Such cowards have no place in our community, and they should know we will never stop fighting to bring them to justice until the fight is done.

“May I therefore take the opportunity to sincerely thank the Metropolitan Police Service for a painstaking and forensic investigation and the prosecution team who worked tirelessly, building a strong case, including phone attribution and scientific evidence to bring these dangerous individuals to justice. Our community is a little safer today because of their dedication and work.”

Notes to editors

  • Darren Soyemi [DOB: 24.04.1998] is from Southwark
  • Tashan Bailey-Brown [DOB: 21.10.2000] is from Lewisham
  • Denzel Ealmeida [DOB: 09.10.2001] is from Lambeth
  • Kevaniel Robinson [DOB: 13.05.2002] is from Lewisham

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