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Man found guilty of large-scale Class A importation and drug supply

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A ringleader who organised the importation and supply of Class A drugs disguised in printer ink has today (24/04/2024) been found guilty at Isleworth Crown Court.

Jonathan Strogylos
Jonathan Strogylos

Jonathan Strogylos, 36, was one of a group of twelve men involved in a large-scale operation to supply cocaine.

Strogylos ran and controlled an importation route under the guise of importing printer toner cartridges, which he used to smuggle his own drugs and offered this service to other organised crime groups, who would pay for their drugs to be concealed within these consignments and imported at a fee per kilo.

The cocaine was brought to a location in the Netherlands and was then concealed within printer toner cartridge pallets. They were transported to the UK by courier service and delivered to Oldbury Safestore unit, which the organised crime group controlled. The drugs were then distributed from this location. This happened on at least three occasions in 2020. The total quantity of cocaine imported in this way in less than three weeks was at a street value of up to around £132 million.

This case arose as a result of Operation Venetic, a wider, NCA led investigation into encrypted EncroChat phone conversations. The operation uncovered a large volume of encrypted messages.  

These messages evidenced that Strogylos and others had been running the importation route for three years on a weekly basis.

Giorgina Venturella, Specialist Prosecutor for the CPS said: “Jonathan Strogylos refused to admit his involvement in this organised drug importation and distribution operation.

"The messages uncovered in this case made it clear that the organised crime group, lead by Strogylos, had a sophisticated process in place to import and subsequently manoeuvre colossal quantities of cocaine across the UK.

“Our Proceeds of Crime team will now commence confiscation proceedings to ensure the group do not financially benefit from their criminality.”  

Notes to editors

  • Giorgina Venturella is a Specialist Prosecutor for the Serious Economic Organised Crime and International Directorate at the CPS (SEOCID)
  • Jonathan Strogylos (DOB: 06/11/1987) was convicted of conspiracies to import and supply cocaine on 24/04/2024 at Isleworth Crown Court.

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