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Two men convicted over death of Cody Fisher

|News, Violent crime

Two men have been convicted of killing a footballer who died after being stabbed while on a dancefloor at a nightclub on Boxing Day 2022.

Remy Gordon, 23, of Cofton Park Drive and along with Kami Carpenter, 22, of Kings Norton, were convicted today (25 March, 2024) of the murder of Cody Fisher following a trial at Birmingham Crown Court. 

A third defendant, Reegan Anderson, 19, was found not guilty of murder but guilty of affray. The three defendants will be sentenced at a later date.

Cody Fisher, 23, was fatally stabbed on 26 December 2022 on the dancefloor of Crane nightclub in Digbeth while he was on a night out with his girlfriend and friends. 

The defendants confronted Mr Fisher and subjected him to a violent attack during which he was stabbed at least twice, including in the heart.

Despite the efforts of the emergency services who attended, Mr Fisher tragically died where he had fallen on the dancefloor. The weapon that inflicted the fatal blow was left embedded in his chest as his attackers fled the scene. 

Proving the case

The court heard that the defendants targeted Mr Fisher following a minor altercation two days prior at the Popworld in Solihull. Snapchat messages showed that after the altercation, Gordon forwarded a picture of Mr Fisher to several friends including Carpenter and Anderson asking for help in identifying him and threatening to stab him. 

Further communication showed that Gordon and Carpenter discussed smuggling a knife into Crane nightclub and wearing masks to conceal their identities. Gordon was even captured on CCTV adjusting his mask as he exited the venue after the attack.

Witnesses described Carpenter and Gordon approaching Mr Fisher on the dancefloor and immediately being aggressive towards him and attacking him. Although CCTV coverage of the dancefloor was limited, their actions were captured on mobile phones by witnesses which they did not anticipate.

Kami Carpenter’s DNA was found on a black fabric knife sheath that was recovered on Adderley Street, Digbeth by police. Scientific testing matched the sheath to the knife that killed Cody Fisher.

David Parsons of the CPS said: “Cody Fisher was an innocent party who was just trying to enjoy a night out with his girlfriend and friends when he was senselessly killed. The defendants showed a complete disregard for his life and their actions have robbed Cody of his future and caused immeasurable pain to his family.

"Gordon and Carpenter lied and denied their involvement in Mr Fisher’s murder but we were able to present clear and compelling evidence including that from DNA, messaging on social media, witness testimony and CCTV footage which proved the murder was premeditated and that these defendants were responsible for Mr Fisher’s death. 

"The jury’s verdict reflects the gravity of their actions. Our thoughts are with Cody Fisher’s loved ones.”

Notes to editors

  • David Parsons is a Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS West Midlands.
  • Remy Gordon was found guilty of murder and also guilty of affray.
  • Kami Carpenter was found guilty of murder, but not guilty of affray.
  • Reegan Anderson was found not guilty of murder, but guilty of affray.

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