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This section contains publications related to the governance of the CPS, including board meeting minutes, board members' expenses and gifts and hospitality declarations.

CPS Board meetings

The CPS Board meets approximately eight times a year to provide strategic leadership and advice on a range of subject matters. A summary of issues discussed is published following these meetings.

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Minutes of the CPS Audit and Risk Assurance Committee

The CPS Audit and Risk Committee has been established by the Accounting Officer and Additional Accounting Officer, and reports to the Accounting Officers through the Board.

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Permanent Secretaries' meetings with external organisations

The CPS, like all Government departments and agencies, must publish this information, which is submitted to the Cabinet Office on a quarterly basis. The Director of Public Prosecutions is regarded as a Permanent Secretary for the purposes of this reporting. Each report refers to the previous quarter.

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Gifts and Hospitality Register

This section provides details of gifts and hospitality received by CPS Board members over the course of the reporting year. This information is published on an annual basis. Available online in this section in PDF format.

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Business expenses

This contains details of business expenses incurred by CPS Board members. This information is published on a quarterly basis. Available online in this section in PDF and CSV format.

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Declaration of interests

This is a declaration of interests the non-executive members of the Board hold outside of the CPS. It is published annually and reviewed on a regular basis to reflect any changes.

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Framework Agreement between the Crown Prosecution Service and the Attorney General’s Office

Document defining the relationship between the Law Officers and the Crown Prosecution Service (PDF, 317kb)

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