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Man jailed for life after raping two females in Oldham

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A man has been jailed for life after raping a teenager and a woman in June and November 2022.

On 28 March 2024, Paul Creedy, 31, from Manchester, was jailed for life with a minimum term of 13 years and four months.

On 11 June 2022, Creedy invited a 15-year-old girl to a house in Oldham.

He gave her food and an alcoholic drink, then took her phone from her before raping her, whilst ignoring her repeated protests for him to stop.

Afterwards he apologised to the girl and took her on a tram to Victoria Station where he left her. The following day she told her family what had happened to her, and the police were contacted.

In the meantime, Creedy made a call to the police telling them the teenager was ‘prone to making up lies.’ When he was arrested and interviewed, he denied anything sexual had happened. At this time the girl was not in a position to support the prosecution of the case and Creedy was released.

At 1.40am on 26 November 2022, five months after the first attack, Creedy befriended a 23-year-old woman outside a nightclub in Oldham. He walked her to the same house in Oldham.

He started to assault her and when she resisted and cried out, he got a kitchen knife, held it to her throat and told her the sooner she complied the sooner it would be over, before raping her. He then made her shower and told her if she told anyone he would petrol bomb her house.

He walked with the woman outside of the house and she was able to make her escape, eventually meeting a stranger who called the police.

When police searched the house, they found the woman’s phone. He gave a no comment police interview and was charged with raping the woman. Later in criminal proceedings, Creedy claimed all sexual activity was consensual and disagreed with the expert’s forensic findings.

The police re-contacted the teenager and with additional support she was able to give a formal account of what had happened to her. The girl’s clothes had been retained by police from the time of her initial report and when they were examined Creedy’s DNA was on them. This corroborated the girl’s account and Creedy was subsequently also charged with raping the young girl. 

The CPS was able to make an application to join the legal proceedings into one trial given the similarities in the reports by two females.

Following a trial which concluded in October last year, Creedy was found guilty of four counts of rape and one count of threatening a person with a knife.

Ruby Mckeague, a Senior Crown Prosecutor with CPS North West, said: “Paul Creedy is an incredibly dangerous sexual predator. He preyed on two females by isolating them and luring them to a house with the sole intention of taking advantage of them in the most appalling way.

“After raping the teenage girl, believing he had got away with it, Creedy then a few months later lured the woman to the same house and raped her at knife point.

“He tried to discredit the teenager by telling police she was prone to telling lies. He also took proactive steps to try and remove his DNA from his second victim by making her shower. These actions show the levels of manipulation this individual is capable of. In addition, despite the strong DNA evidence supporting both the females’ accounts, Creedy continued to disagree with the Prosecution’s forensic experts and put the two of them through the further ordeal of a trial.

“I hope that as Creedy begins his prison sentence, the two young women can now begin to put their trauma behind them and begin to move on with their lives."

Notes to editors

  • Paul Creedy (DOB: 18/03/1993) was sentenced at Manchester Crown Court.

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