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Disclosure Manual: Annex A - Examples of Unused Material

Refreshed: 21 October 2021|Legal Guidance

Examples of Unused Material that may be Created or Used during an Investigation


Crime reporting and suspect identification


  • 999 voice tape
  • Exhibits not referred to in statements
  • Post arrest photographs
  • Details of other suspects arrested interviewed or questioned but not charged
  • Audio/video tapes of interviews of witnesses
  • Potential witnesses’ details where no MG11 given
  • CCTV or other videos
  • Media releases by police
  • Fingerprint forms
  • Witness album documentation
  • ID procedure forms (except participant lists)
  • Crime reports*
  • Incident log of messages*
  • Pocket books*
  • Custody records
  • Letter of complaint of crime*
  • First description of all suspects however and wherever recorded.
  • Material in police possession from third party
  • Plans or video of crime scene
  • Details of whether any witness has sought or received a reward+


  • CHIS report
  • Offender profiles
  • Port warnings
  • Wanted/missing circulations
  • Crimestoppers
  • Force intelligence bureau material
  • Sensitive material in police possession from Social Services or Local Authority



  • Police misconduct material (disciplinary findings/ convictions etc)


  • Road traffic crash reports
  • Vulnerable victim or witness profile
  • Message Switching System messages*+
  • Record of property recovered from crime scenes
  • Record of searches
  • Custody record
  • Post charge photograph
  • Lay visitors report
  • Holmes actions, messages and docs+
  • Family liaison logs+
  • Property recovered from crime scenes forms+



  • Scientific or SOCO findings not used as evidence
  • Draft statements or preparatory notes
  • DNA or other forensic material not used as evidence
  • MG11s from unwilling or unhelpful witnesses
  • Prompt notes for interviews
  • Medical Examiner reports for suspect or witnesses
  • Records of information provided e.g. in conversation
  • House to house enquiries+
  • Audiotape or written note of interview with witnesses notified by the accused


  • Operational briefing/debriefing sheets
  • Policy files
  • Information in support of search or arrest warrants
  • RIPA authorities / documentation
  • Observations/surveillance logs

Forensic and medical records


  • SOCO/IDO work sheets
  • File records
  • Pathologists’ records
  • Dental records
  • Forensic scientist’s records lab forms*
  • Hospital records relating to the condition which is the subject of the offence charged+

Third party


  • Medical and dental records
  • Media material
  • Special procedure applications
  • Records held by other agencies
  • Records/material held by Social Services or local authority

* Edit sensitive entries from copies to be disclosed to defence e.g. address telephone numbers

+ Enter on MG6C unless would reveal sensitive material in which case list on MG6D, or consider editing.

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