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Callous Defendants Sentenced for Abuse

|News, Sexual offences , Violent crime

Today Elisha Robinson and Jodie Colvin were sentenced for their acts of horrific abuse directed at a young person in a bungalow in Mulbarton, Norwich. Another was also sentenced but they are a youth offender and so remain anonymous.

Collectively they systemically conducted vile acts against an individual, including administering a poison, inflicting grievous bodily harm, forcing them to take part in sexual activity without consent and sexual assault. After throwing away the victim's mobile phone, they inflicted both physical and mental injuries using everyday household items in a planned attack taking place over several hours. When they needed to hide their sickening actions, they forced their victim to clean the room, before then threatening to cause them further harm. They then forced the victim to move into a nearby field before leaving them there in pain having sustained severe injuries. Despite finding it difficult to walk the person was able to seek help at a nearby residential property where the police were called, and assistance provided.

Laura McLeod, a CPS RASSO prosecutor said: "This case has been one of the most upsetting I have prosecuted, the acts of intimidation, physical violence and sexual assault delivered by these individuals were horrific.

“Every single action taken would have been extremely distressing and I was determined to deliver a compelling legal case to bring those involved to justice.

“Such was the strength of both the statements and the other evidential material gathered by the police in their investigation that I was able to build a strong case resulting in a successful prosecution.

“I would like to commend the victim for the strength and resilience they have shown following their traumatic experience, and I hope that the outcome from today’s sentencing provides them with a sense of justice.”

Notes to editors

  • Laura McLeod is a Senior Crown Prosecutor on the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences (RASSO) unit in the East of England Area.

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