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Finance Directorate

Finance Directorate (FD) ensures that the CPS makes the best use of its resources and that the Department's financial planning, risk management and performance management arrangements help the CPS achieve its aims and objectives. FD is also responsible for ensuring that the Department's accounting and financial reporting obligations are met.

FD's responsibilities are to:

  • develop and manage the CPS's financial planning, risk and management framework;
  • advise the CPS Board on budget allocations, setting budgets for HQ Directorates and Areas;
  • deal with procurement and estates business;
  • support the delivery of government objectives and work with the Law Officers' Departments and other criminal justice partners to enable the CPS to achieve its priorities; and
  • manage the finance system, budgetary and expenditure control and paying all invoices, counsel fees, witness expenses and travel and subsistence expenses.

FD Structure

The Directorate, led by Director of Finance Christopher Sharp, is organised into four divisions:

  • Financial Planning and Budgeting (FPB);
  • Finance Business Services (FBS);
  • Procurement and Estates Division (PED); and
  • Efficiency, Risk Management and Assurance (ERA).

And two business centres:

  • Finance Business Service Wakefield (sits within FBS); and
  • Finance Business Service Nottingham (sits within FBS), who have recently been accredited with Payroll Quality Partnership award.

Financial Planning and Budgeting Division

The role of FPB, headed by Helen Smith, is to:

  • allocate budgets to HQ and Areas;
  • monitor and report on the financial performance of HQ and Areas;
  • deploy financial management arrangements that support both HQ and Areas, so that collectively they deliver outturn spend within budget; and
  • provide support and guidance to HQ and Areas to improve their reporting and performance.

Finance Business Services Division

The role of FBSD, headed by Justin Freebairn, is to:

  • ensure CPS expenditure and income is properly managed and accounted for in line with HM Treasury requirements;
  • work with other parts of CPS HQ, the Attorney General's Office and criminal justice departments to produce effective submissions for the Comprehensive Spending Review process;
  • improve financial awareness and ability throughout the CPS;
  • deliver a high quality, efficient payment service on behalf of the CPS;
  • effectively administer payments on behalf of the organisation;
  • work in partnership with the wider CPS community and other key stakeholders;
  • to deliver a high quality and efficient salary service to CPS employees;
  • deliver a high quality pension service in line with government pension policy; and
  • work with HMRC and other government and external suppliers to provide benefits to CPS employees.

Procurement and Estates Division

The role of PED, headed by Mark Williams, is to:

  • contribute to the efficient and effective performance of CPS business by ensuring value for money in procurement and commercial activities;
  • promote compliance with current UK/EC legislation, Government Accounting and good commercial practice;
  • drive efficiency savings through greater use of e-procurement and professionalism of the procurement function;
  • provide and maintain CPS offices;
  • lead CPS and the Law Officers' Departments in sustainable development;
  • provide advice and guidance on health and safety issues; and
  • lead the management of the Department's facilities and estates matters.

Further information on procurement in the CPS

Efficiency, Risk Management & Assurance

The role of ERM, headed by Anita Misra, is to advise CPS staff thus enabling them to:

  • make better and more informed decisions;
  • prioritise the use of CPS services;
  • deliver successful programs and projects and operate more robust and reliable systems;
  • develop and maintain robust risk management frameworks; and
  • develop and maintain effective assurance systems.