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Crown Prosecution Service Annual Report and Resource Accounts 2010 - 2011

Director's letter to the Attorney General

I am pleased to report to you on the performance of the Crown Prosecution Service for 2010-11. 2010-11 was an important year as we put in place the building blocks of quality and efficiency that will help us to live with the financial constraints of the 2010 Spending Review.

Keir Starmer QC

Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer QC

During the year we began making preparations for the significant reductions to public spending we knew would be contained in the Spending Review. We reduced the size of our headquarters significantly and relocated our London HQ to less expensive premises. We also renegotiated commercial contracts; introduced new procurement processes; imposed a recruitment freeze; completed the merger with Revenue and Customs Prosecution Office; and reorganised our national structure by aggregating from 42 Areas to 13 to realise economies of scale and prepare us to take full advantage of developments in technology and proposals for better case administration.

This decisive action was vital to ensuring that we were in the best possible position to face the challenge of the budget reductions required between 2011-2015. However, I have been clear that improvements and cost reductions cannot come at the expense of quality or the proper application of justice. The CPS must prosecute criminal conduct in the most effective way. And, in a way that is transparent, so that the public understand why decisions are taken.

To this end, 2010-11 saw the implementation of CPS Core Quality Standards. Informed by a full public consultation, these standards clearly set out what the public can expect from their prosecution service. They are important to victims, witnesses, suspects and defendants, all of whom rely on prosecutors to carry out their duties to a high standard; and important for the courts, police and other criminal justice agencies which rely on the CPS to deliver an efficient and effective service.

Having defined our standards, we sampled more than 15,000 cases during the year to make sure that we were meeting them, and took corrective action where we did not.

Finally, let me acknowledge the work of my staff over the past 12 months. The journey that we have started would not be possible without their hard work, and passion for public service. We will face the challenges of the next four years together, fewer in number, but undiminished in our commitment to serving our society and seeing that justice is done.


Keir Starmer QC
Director of Public Prosecutions

Annual Report and Accounts For the period April 2010 - March 2011

Report presented to Parliament pursuant to Section 9 of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985

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