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Minutes of the CPS Board meeting on 18 September 2009


Keir Starmer (Chair)
Peter Lewis
Mike Kennedy
John Graham
Gerard Lemos
Doreen Langston


Rob Sykes
Martin Kelly


Veena King
Tamara Moore

Item 1: Note of last meeting and actions arising

The Board agreed the note of the last meeting held on 15 July 2009 and the update on actions arising from previous meetings.

Item 2: Director's update

The Director gave an update to the Board on:

Public Prosecution Service: Setting the Standard

This was published on 23 July. Work to analyse public and staff responses has begun.

Core Service Standards

These will be put out for public consultation along with the latest version of the Code in October.

CPS Gwent

The Board has assumed ownership of this issue. Following HMCPSi's inspection, the internal audit team will be looking at mechanisms in place to ensure effective performance management.


The Group Chairs Group will discuss the approach to modernising charging on 22 September. The Jan Berry report is due to be published in October 2009, with the policing white paper out in early 2010.

Item 3: Quarterly Delivery Assurance Report

The Board received the Q1 Report, considered changes to the format for 2009/10 and recommendations for further actions.

Item 4: Financial Management Report

The Board noted the forecast for the year end position based on expenditure to end August 2009.

Item 5: ICT 2012

The Board endorsed the approach to the negotiations with bidders.

Item 6: Board Awayday 2 September

The Board considered the outputs from the event, key priorities for further action and proposals for next steps. Potential machinery of government changes will be presented at each Board meeting.

Item 7: Embedding Core Service Standards

The Board considered the paper summarising discussions at the Awayday and agreed the suggested high level approach.

Item 8: Strategic Stakeholder Management Project

The Board endorsed the approach proposed as consistent with the outputs of the recent Setting the Standard planning event.

Item 9: AOB

There was no AOB.

Next meeting: Wednesday 18 November, at Ludgate Hill