CPS North East

CPS North East is headed by Chief Crown Prosecutor (CCP) Andrew Penhale. Every year, we prosecute thousands of criminal cases through the Magistrates' and Crown Courts situated across the region. We also have specialists whose job it is to pursue the proceeds of crime, ensuring that we claw back the money that criminals make through their illegal activities.

Within our Witness Care Units, CPS staff work extremely closely with the police and Victim Support to provide information, support, and advice to victims and witnesses. The work they do is often the key to achieving a successful conviction.

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CPS North East Map

CPS North East Group Map

The Crown Prosecution Service was set up in 1986 to prosecute criminal cases investigated by the police in England and Wales.

In undertaking this role, CPS North East continues to:

  • Advise police forces in Northumbria, Durham and Cleveland on cases for possible prosecution.
  • Review cases submitted by the police for prosecution.
  • Determine the charge in all serious cases.
  • Prepare cases for court.
  • Present those cases at court.