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Man sentenced for vile abuse of women

|News, Sexual offences

Stephen Hammond has today been sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment with an extended period on licence of three years and ordered to serve a minimum of two-thirds of that sentence.

Hammond sought to ruthlessly exploit women for his own sexual gratification. Seeking out vulnerable women, he selectively groomed them to follow him home, before actively encouraging them to take drugs and alcohol.

Once the substances had taken effect he proceeded to sexually assault them knowing that they did not consent to sexual activity with him or were unable to consent. He therefore created what he thought would be an ideal deception, and that he would be able to get away with his abuse.

The CPS train their RASSO prosecutors to be specialists in these types of crimes and they worked in partnership with the police to build a strong case and clearly demonstrate that a series of heinous crimes had been committed against the women.

Rape and serious sexual offences are some of the most complex crimes the CPS deals with but whenever there is sufficient evidence for us to prosecute, we will always seek to do so.

Jane Foster, from CPS East of England said: “This was a highly complex and challenging case but working alongside the police I was determined to seek justice and ensure the victims' voices were heard. I have immense respect for the women who have displayed both courage and resilience to come forward and report what happened to them. I hope that today’s sentence has brought those affected by this man’s actions a sense of justice.”

Notes to editors

  • Jane Foster is a Senior Crown Prosecutor in the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences (RASSO) unit with CPS East of England.
  • Stephen Hammond date of birth: 08/07/1962
  • Hammond was convicted of three offences of sexual assault by penetration in relation to three separate complainants. In addition, he was also convicted of one charge of sexual assault and one of voyeurism in respect of one of these three complainants.

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