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Prosecutors - Specialist Fraud Division


As a prosecutor with the Specialist Fraud Division, you’ll take on diverse, complex and high-profile prosecutions, pitting your skills against some of the best defence teams across England and Wales. Our caseload covers large-scale, serious and complex fraud, and bribery and corruption cases, including international organised crime. To bring perpetrators to justice, we partner with organisations such as Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the National Crime Agency, the police, the National Health Service, the Department for Work and Pensions, and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

We combat the harm that fraud does across society, with the work of the division broadly split into fiscal and non-fiscal work. Fiscal crime involves offences such as tax evasion and false benefit claims – making up more than 6,000 individual prosecutions each year.

Non-fiscal fraud covers a variety of offences. These can be anything from selling horsemeat as other types of meat to fake medicines. The division also works on export control cases, such as firearms and human trafficking, as well as money laundering.

The division also has a team of senior specialist prosecutors working with HMRC on an initiative to target offshore corporate and wealthy tax evasion by high net worth individuals.

The opportunities

From early investigative advice, evaluation of evidence and decisions to prosecute, to trial preparation, confiscation and appeal, you’ll be involved at every step. There will be occasional visits to court as an advocate and more regular attendance during trials as an instructing solicitor.

Time spent in the Specialist Fraud Division offers a range of experience unmatched elsewhere, including early exposure to major cases and real opportunities for progression.

We have opportunities for qualified solicitors and barristers based in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds and Cardiff. More details can be found by clicking on the links below.

Additional £3,150 recruitment retention allowance for London based posts.

Who can apply

You will be qualified to practise as a solicitor or barrister and may aleady be part of a specialist fraud team within a large bank or corporate, or working for a related organisation, or looking for your next career move. Drive, enthusiasm and exceptional communication skills are all essential to success in these challenging roles.

How to apply

You can find out how to apply on the Civil Service Jobs website. Please use the links above.


Read more about our cases

Land banking fraud

Victims were encouraged to invest in land where properties were going to be built and then sold. However, the land did not have planning permission and was designated as green belt, for agricultural use only. None of this was revealed to the 259 separate victims who invested £3.5 million in the scheme. Five people were sentenced to a total of 29 years’ imprisonment in June 2016. The division is now working to confiscate the proceeds of crime.

Fake explosives detectors

Investigations followed international concern that devices which supposedly detected explosives, as well as other prohibited substances, were fakes. They were being sold around the world, including in Iraq, and were putting lives at risk. Between 2013 and 2016, four people were sentenced and several million pounds were confiscated or ordered as fines.

£3m investment fraud

Richard Valentine gambled victims’ money on foreign exchange markets and lied to investors about their funds. This encouraged many victims to invest more money, often their entire savings. After the police found a confession on Valentine’s computer, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment in September 2015. Proceedings are on-going in an effort to recover £1m for the victims.


Hear from some of our prosecutors

Elizabeth Jenkins, Deputy Divisional Head of the Specialist Fraud Division

“The variety of ways that you can commit fraud is limitless. Anything that you can think of will have someone trying to undermine or make money from it. It’s amazing how innovative and creative people can be.”

Naheed Hussain, Deputy Divisional Head of the Specialist Fraud Division

“I find the non-fiscal aspect of the work that SFD does fascinating. Examples of cases SFD have dealt with include the sale of counterfeit Viagra, the sale of a gunboat without a licence, the sale of false bomb detectors and intellectual property cases involving streaming of movies. The variety of work is brilliant.”

Kevin Hansford, Unit Head

“The work is very interesting, varied and rewarding. The team support each other and pull together. I transferred from CPS London and have recently been promoted to Unit Head within the Division.”